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SERVICEPRO Extended Warranty (Appliances under $15,000) Except Front Load Washers - wattsonsale

SERVICEPRO Extended Warranty (Appliances under $15,000) Except Front Load Washers

  • $ 299.99

• Reliable Customer Service

• Repair or Replace Promise

• No Hidden Fees or Repair Costs

Product Overview

This extended warranty plan covers appliances purchased as new and manufactured for use in the United States, that included a manufacturer's original written warranty at the time of purchase. For the product to be eligible for an extended warranty plan, the manufacturer's original written warranty must provide at least 90 days parts and labor coverage.

This warranty begins on the date of purchase of the appliance to be covered. Therefore, this plan will provide 5 years of total warranty coverage.

Warranty Coverage

  • This performance guarantee goes into effect immediately on the date of purchase of the appliance.
  • This plan covers mechanical and electrical failures that would normally be covered by the original manufacturer's written warranty.
  • This plan applies only to products used non-commercially.
  • For an item to qualify for this guarantee, you must purchase this guarantee within 30 days of purchasing your item.

Warranty Service

  • Service on the appliance is performed on location in your home by an authorized service representative in your area.
  • There is no deductible and no further charge to you.
  • All arrangements are made promptly by New Leaf (Service Pro).
  • In certain circumstances, New Leaf may determine that it is better, cheaper, or faster to have the item sent to a service center for repair. In this circumstance, New Leaf will pay freight charges both ways, plus send materials needed to box up the item.

50% Money Back Guarantee

With the purchase of any 5-year service plan, Service Pro will issue a Visa or MasterCard gift card in an amount equal to 50% of the original warranty price on the condition that the following criteria are met:

  • No service calls made on eligible product.
  • No paid claims on the service plan.
  • Service plan must have been registered online at within five days of receiving warranty information from Service Pro.

At the end of the five year period, the 50% Money Back Certificate, received with your registration information, can be redeemed if the above criteria is met.  Simply follow the instructions noted on the certificate to receive your gift card.


  • Warranty information will be mailed separately from your product, via the USPS. This information will be sent in a letter-sized envelope to you from
  • The warranty information will include: Service Pro contact information, your unique 13-digit membership number, 50% Money Back Guarantee Certificate with unique number and instructions on how to register your warranty (you may register either by phone or on the internet).
  • You should register your warranty within 5 days of receiving your warranty information in order to participate in the 50% Money Back Guarantee offer.

Manufacturer's Literature

Terms and Conditions
Service Pro Terms and Conditions
Sample Certificate
50% Money Back Guarantee Certificate

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