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NEAR IG5 5.25" In Ground Outdoor Speaker (Each)

  • $ 619.99

Why In-Ground?

The NEAR IG series look and sound great when used as freestanding on-ground speakers that can be camouflaged among planters and pots. But we primarily designed them to be partially buried in the ground, affording homeowners superior sound performance, lower visibility and ultimate security. 

The packed earth around the speaker dampens enclosure wall resonances to zero. Details in the music that you can hear on high-end indoor speakers, but not on typical outdoor speakers, can be clearly heard and enjoyed.  

In-ground installation also reinforces bass response by providing an infinite baffle to focus the sound waves. The bass impact of IG speakers is clear, precise and detailed. Midrange, particularly the lower-mid region that carries the “body” of vocals, is rich, smooth and highly articulate. Imagine being able to understand the lyrics even at low volume levels.  Now you can with NEAR.