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SWANN SWO-ASH01K Advanced Smart Home Control Kit

  • $ 69999

Bring together advanced security features along with energy management for a complete smart home or business with the SwannOne Advanced Smart Home Control Kit. The Advanced Smart Home Control Kit enables you to protect a large number of areas within your home or business. Combined with the SwannOne app you can monitor and control your home or business from anywhere. Mobile alerts on your smartphone or tablet will keep you updated when a sensor has been triggered, while the Smart Hub listens out for glass door and window breakage. You can also turn any plug-in appliance on or off remotely, while monitoring its energy usage with the included Smart Plug.


  • Brings together advanced security features with energy management for a complete smart home or business
  • Enables protection of a large number of areas within home or business
  • SwannOne app allows monitoring & control from anywhere
  • Mobile alerts on smartphone & tablet update when sensor has been triggered
  • Smart Hub listens for glass door & window breakage
  • Plug-in appliances can be turned on or off remotely & monitored for energy usage with SmartPlug
  • Free Home Essentials plan features email alerts, text messages & smartphone push notifications for 2 users, real-time live video streaming, ability to turn appliances on/off or create schedules & access to glass door & window break sound alerts
  • The SwannOne user portal allows control of system & customization of contacts, personal details, rules & more
  • Range of flexible plans available for purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis or monthly subscription
  • Paid services provide ability to add additional users to system, enhanced automation capabilities, access to multiple properties, additional sound alerts, cloud video storage & professional monitoring services
  • Includes 4 door/window sensors, 2 motion sensors & 2 HD indoor cameras

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